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    I have a 6-month-old daughter who babbles a lot. When I take her out shopping, I enjoy talking to her even though I know she doesn’t understand me. When I look up, I notice other people looking at me and I feel silly. Should I stop talking to a babbling baby in public? Please do

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    My 13-year-old son does not listen to me. I will call him for dinner three times and he never comes. His father will call one time and he comes and says he didn’t hear me. How can I change this? Teenagers are at a stage where they feel like they are adults. They have so

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    It is a daily battle getting my 8 year old son to make his bed. Is there any solution? I hear so many parents complain about the same thing. This battle scene occurs in many homes across the country. Understandably so, I remember as a child wondering why I should make my bed when I