• Are You and Your Stylist in a Rut?

    Are You and Your Stylist in a Rut?0

    Relationships go through a few similar patterns. The butterflies in the belly in a new relationship, the growing closeness and excitement of learning of one another, the natural ease of getting into a comfortable groove. The relationship you have with your stylist is no different. When you find a stylist that “fits” it’s a wonderful

  • Sunglasses trend this summer

    Sunglasses trend this summer0

    Have it Made In the Shade Sunglasses, as we know them, have only been around for less than a century. Today, they are more accessible and popular than ever. Not only are they functional, they have become one of the most eye-catching fashion statements. Sunglasses are the universal accessory, crossing all ages, genders, styles, climates