• An interview with a food addition expert

    An interview with a food addition expert0

    Joan Ifland, PhD., M.B.A., is a researcher and educator in the field of food addiction and allergies. She has a doctorate in addictive nutrition at Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, Ohio and holds an MBA from Stanford University. In 1996, she founded The Sugars and Flours Project of Houston, which provides education about food reactions.

  • This Spring.. decide to bloom!

    This Spring.. decide to bloom!0

    Have you taken a moment to sit and ponder how you will roll out your beauty plan for this Spring? You may want that Rolls Royce, but that will come in due time. For today, let’s focus on your skin care regimen; specifically your face and body! The Number One Rule of Thumb—drink more water!

  • Get help for your binge eating.

    Get help for your binge eating.0

    Nan was once one of the millions of Americans who struggle with the most common eating disorder: binge eating disorder. A recent Harvard study found that approximately 7 million people have the disorder, which affects 3.5 percent of women and 2 percent of men. “I couldn’t stop eating. I started eating compulsively when I was

  • How safe is our food?

    How safe is our food?0

    A few years ago after surviving breast cancer scare that was caught in time, I began to have a laser focus on the types of food I was eating. Then I met Robyn O’Brien, a former food industry analyst, strategist, author and mother of four. Her book, “The Unhealthy Truth: How our food is making

  • The Scoop on the Juice Diet

    The Scoop on the Juice Diet0

    Liquid fruit and veggie nutrition may sound healthy enough, but experts warn against them Even before the birth of bathing suits, every woman has dreamed of owning a perfectly shaped body. Today, men share this vision as well. With these lofty dreams come promises a plenty – a pill and a fad diet around every

  • Houston offers wide variety of healthy options, from tacos to salads

    Houston offers wide variety of healthy options, from tacos to salads0

    Texas is home to a wide array of culinary delights and decently sized portions to suit any palate. After going vegetarian/vegan on Sundays as of two years ago , I have become addicted to the adventure of discovering healthy eats around Houston. We all know that H-Town is known for its cyber cafes and coffee