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    An Interview with Nan Hall Linke on Toxic People and How to Deal with Them Nan Hall Linke is a well-known Houston psychotherapist and astrologer in practice since 1971. In this capacity, she has counseled individuals, couples and families, as well as various business enterprises. For most of her time as an astrologer, Nan has

  • Life in the Shadows—What to do When Your Partner is Bipolar

    Life in the Shadows—What to do When Your Partner is Bipolar0

    Linda is a 42-year-old woman who has been in a committed relationship with her boyfriend for over six years. She often complains about her boyfriend’s mood swings, and over the last few weeks, her boyfriend is withdrawing from the relationship, he appears to be indifferent, sad, and basically shut down. They usually stay in touch

  • After-School Care Centers in Southeast Houston0

    For busy parents, after-school care centers are a great place for kids to supplement their learning and make new friends. Great after-school programs not only offer homework help and tutoring, they can also develop your child’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and problem solving and social skills. Whether you’re choosing an after-school care center for the first time

  • Catherine’s courageous confession.

    Catherine’s courageous confession.0

    Despite being one of the most famous and talented actresses in Hollywood, Catherine Zeta- Jones has lived life as private a life as she possibly can.  In the public eye, she has taken her successes in stride.  She’s won countless awards, including a Tony and an Oscar, and has managed to make a Hollywood marriage to fellow

  • Are smart phones making us smarter?

    Are smart phones making us smarter?0

    Depending on your age, you will probably find it humorous to think that just 25 years ago to do research, you went to the library, checked some index cards and found books or articles written at least a year or more ago to get the information to write your paper. Today, most of us in

  • When will we get rid of the stigma on mental illness?

    When will we get rid of the stigma on mental illness?0

    Arriving to work on time after a tough morning can be a trip. As you dash into the break room to grab a quick coffee, you run into your co-worker who you greet with a smile, but she doesn’t seem to respond positively. A few minutes later, you run into her again, but see a