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The Concur Team


“Bay Area Learning Center is proud to display the Concur magazine in our lobby every month. The magazine has information to help every person live a more well rounded life with a good combination of mind, body and spirit articles that pertain to everyone’s daily life.  It is a pleasure to read and to advertise with such a wonderful informational diverse magazine.”

Wendi Marcelle

Certified Teacher & Co-Owner
Bay Area Learning Center

“Concur magazine is a cutting edge publication with fresh content + design that sustains interest throughout its colorful pages. It’s unique approach gives a smooth flow of current events + highlights of our local businesses. ”

Tiffany Sparks, RDH

“Concur Magazine is a wonderful read on real life topics that apply to the everyday family and lifestyle of our fast paced environment.  The contributors are top notch individuals with superior knowledge and experience in their field; delivering clear messages for us to ponder.”

Anna Babineaux

“Concur Magazine focuses on health and happiness, while creating strong ties within the community.  There’s something for everyone in Concur!”

J.P. Morris